The Personal Blog of a young Satanist


Hello Again!

I admit I had a little problem. After my first few posts I couldn’t think what to write. It became clear to me that at the age of 16 I cannot claim to be an expert in Satanism. I am a Satanist and I can give my views and opinions on things but obviously I am not an expert. I was speaking to my mother and Cassie (who you may know from the Devil’s Advocates blog which I also write in sometimes) and they suggested I just write a personal blog; The life and opinions of a sixteen year old Swiss girl, who just happens to be a Satanist. So that is what I will try. And to start off, I will just write a bit more of an introduction to me and my life.

So I’m Tina (that is my blog and online name but not my real name) and I am a sixteen year old girl who lives in Zurich, Switzerland. I am in the last two years of a Bilingual High School where I am studying lots of things with a focus on Biology and Chemistry. My lessons are mostly in German and English but I study French as well. I am a pretty good student and usually get high marks for my assignments. I also get on quite well with the teachers and hardly ever get in trouble but I’m not a goody two shoes. I have a life. I get on well with some of the students who have problems at school and in life. I don’t do hard drugs or anything like that but I do smoke and drink and I go to parties at the weekends. Still, I take study seriously because I know what I want to do in life (well some things anyway). After school I will go to university (probably here in Zurich but maybe abroad somewhere) to study Veterinary Medicine. The bad news about that is that wherever you do it it is a really long course.

I have a boyfriend whom we shall call Max. We have only been together for two months and I am at a stage of being a bit experimental in my relationships so we will see how far this goes. Let’s just say in relationships I am honest but not very loyal to the one I am with. They have to accept that or not. I am too young to be too committed and I like to experience new things. I guess at the moment I am more interested in sex than love, but if love happens  that will be an interesting experience too. I thought I was in love with my first boyfriend but I really wasn’t. So I guess in relationships I am not always nice. Also, although I only had boyfriends so far I guess I am bisexual and I am not the kind of person who will let that stay “in theory” for too long.

I have to speak a bit about my family because that will put some things about me into context.

Sixteen and a half years ago my mother gave birth to me. My mother was then a teacher and still is, but now she works in a special school for kids with problems. My father was at that time a graphic artist but also played in a band. Music was and is his big love. He still plays in some bands and does his own art. My parents separated when I was about 7 and my father now lives with his girlfriend also in Zurich. I have always seen him regularly and I think him and my mother are still friends really. After the split, my mother had a few not so serious boyfriends and then Cassie came into our lives. I think I knew the first time Cassie came round to visit that she was going to be part of our family. I was delighted when my mother told me she and Cassie were going to get together “officially”. Cassie is like an older sister to me and extra mother rolled into one.

I sort of know that some people think our family is a bit of a strange set up, but for me it is normal and most of my friends also have parents that have split and then come together in new constellations. My mother and Cassie are not really lesbians, they are just bisexuals who were lucky enough to find and fall in love with each other.

I knew Cassie was a witch from the start of her relationship with my mother and I was very curious about that. I kept asking her things and she began to teach me about witchcraft. I have been learning ever since. I didn’t know that she or my mother were Satanists at first but my mother has always been very honest with me about things and after a while I found out about it. At first I thought it was just one of those strange things that parents do sometimes, but I was curious so I googled it and began to do my own research. After a short time I realised that I agreed with nearly everything I read about Satanism, especially the more philosophical parts, and so that’s where it began for me. My mother and Cassie tried to put me off but I can be very determined when I want to be.

So I am a Satanic Witch and as I get older it becomes a more and more important part of my personality. But while it is important and in some ways is in the background of everything I do, it isn’t everything. I mean, I’m normal… I like shopping. I like music (metal and indie), I play the piano. I like animals. I have a boyfriend. I like sex. I like travel. I am pretty much normal, I just believe and do some things which are not so common.

So that’s my reintroduction. I’m not sure how personal I will be or what I will write next. Let’s wait and see.



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